Television & Photography Makeup Guideline

Preparing the Foundation As with any other type of makeup, it is necessary to prepare the skin before applying any products. For television and photography, skin must be hydrated and taken care of so the makeup looks its absolute best. I recommend using a stick/cream foundation for television and photography and avoid water based or … Continue reading Television & Photography Makeup Guideline

A Makeup Artist’s Kit: Correctors and Concealers

Now that we have covered what a makeup artist's kit should contain (see: and covered the all the bases for skincare (see: , we will move on to the second part of a makeup artist's kit: Correctors and Concealers. Color Theory To understand how correctors work, it is important to understand how colors work. … Continue reading A Makeup Artist’s Kit: Correctors and Concealers

Everything Skincare for Perfect Skin

Skin Types and Skincare Skin type is a very important consideration when applying makeup. You should think carefully about the skin and treat it like a canvas for makeup. Skin Types Normal Skin Combination Skin Oily Skin Dry Skin Sensitive Skin Mature Skin Each skin types requires its own special care and needs. Normal Skin Normal … Continue reading Everything Skincare for Perfect Skin

A Makeup Artist’s Kit

Now that we have had a proper introduction to makeup, let's create a list of makeup products and the absolute essentials that makeup artists typically carry in their kits. See Makeup Art: An Introduction Organization Organization is very important when it comes to being a makeup artist especially for those makeup artists that can't get … Continue reading A Makeup Artist’s Kit

Makeup Art: An Introduction

Makeup is one of the most artistic fields in aesthetics. Although there are some "rules" to follow, most of the work is left to the imagination of the makeup artist. There are several factors to consider when applying makeup either to yourself or to someone else: Personality Age Skin tone Eyes Hair Wardrobe Accessories If … Continue reading Makeup Art: An Introduction