Basic Makeup Steps in Full Detail

Review: Steps in Makeup Prepare the Skin for makeup. Concealer Foundation Bronzer Set Makeup with Powder Cheeks Lips Eyebrows Eyes Highlight   Thorough Details of a Full-Face Basic Makeup Application Preparing the Skin for Makeup The purpose of preparing the skin for makeup is so that the skin looks its absolute best, is protected, and so … Continue reading Basic Makeup Steps in Full Detail

Everything Skincare for Perfect Skin

Skin Types and Skincare Skin type is a very important consideration when applying makeup. You should think carefully about the skin and treat it like a canvas for makeup. Skin Types Normal Skin Combination Skin Oily Skin Dry Skin Sensitive Skin Mature Skin Each skin types requires its own special care and needs. Normal Skin Normal … Continue reading Everything Skincare for Perfect Skin